The Adventure Begins. . .

IMG_2398Well! I am finally getting my first post out of the way! After deleting, rewriting, deleting again and more rewriting, I have decided I just need to stop and let it happen. It’s not going to be perfect, not going to make sense to everyone all the time, some people wont like it, there will be a lot of jumping back and forth in stories, ha-ha – and there will most definitely be typos BUT! – I am not perfect, so I need to stop trying to make this be perfect and just let it happen how ever it happens.

 – Grammar police – you probably should have stopped reading before you even began! –

I love writing out my stories, adventures, events, memories, what ever you want to say – and reading them at a different time. It was the coolest thing, keeping my pregnancy journal and looking back at it – reading how I was feeling week to week. Every time I go back and read it, I giggle at how I felt, what I wrote, my expressions. . . I just think it is a pretty cool thing to have, img_8465and really helps me remember those times. I find it really helps me in those moments when I am overwhelmed or anxious about something and I don’t think I have done anything or enough.

“Fear of Missing out”

I stop, look back on this and am reminded of all the AWESOME things I HAVE done and will continue to do 🙂

So, here goes nothing, let the adventure of writing begin!

– KP

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