This is . . Me!


  • My name is Kristina and I live in Alberta, Canada
  • I grew up with my Dad and 3 brothers, and when I was 18 – my little sister came along. She is not so little anymore!
  • My main activities are: Soccer, Snowboarding, Gym, Walking and Hiking and now climbing.
    I have played soccer all of my life – thanks to my Dad! I still play to this day on a  co-ed team when I get the chance. I like a wide variety of activities and love playing any kind of sport – even if I suck! I try to live a very active lifestyle because, honestly . . . I just cant sit still!
  • I love to drive, I could drive for no reason, with my windows rolled down and my music turned up!
  • I have a Son named Nolan ❤ who I try to share all of my passions with. I never knew how much I would enjoy being a mom. It’s not just about me teaching him or helping him grow, but also how much he has changed me, gotten me to learn and grow. One of the biggest things I have learned is patience!
    He is my BIGGEST motivator to always keep active and take care of myself. I love bringing him along – or not even bringing him along – I love going on hikes with him, going to the pool or beach with him, going on walks together, sharing everything I love – with him! All I want is to share everything with him and hope he enjoys it with me and can look back on his childhood and say it was awesome and that we had fun!

Not too sure what else to say about myself… guess you will learn throughout my future posts!

– KP


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