Multi-Sport day in Golden, BC

Kristina and Angie at the top – the photo doesn’t do justice for the view!
Beer, sun, river, mountains = perfect!
Bronx and Dory loving life like a dog should

IMG_3869 IMG_3891 Back in March, we headed out to Golden, BC to spend the weekend with our friends at their house. We got there early Saturday morning just in time for breakfast with Ceasers! Perfect way to start a mountain weekend. After breakfast – we head up to Kicking Horse for a day of snowboarding/skiing. It was my first time there, so I was very excited as I have heard so many good things about this mountain. It was a pretty warm day, guess that’s what spring skiing gets you – a lot of slush and puddles at the base! As we rode up the Gondola, we started to see more and more snow. It was amazing, the views, the riding, even though the snow was kind of sticky, it was still good. I really liked the runs and even the riding to the bottom through all of the slush and water. I was not confident in myself that I would make it down without getting caught in a pool of water, but! – I made it through all of them without landing on my butt and getting soaked! It was so much fun – we did it a second time, and I came out dry that time to! I cant wait to go back there mid winter when there is more snow.IMG_3910

After a good chunk of time on the hill, we came back down and headed for some lunch, beer and a walk with the dogs to the river. We walked an explored for quite a while. It’s places like that – that I could just stay in forever. Small towns, everyone is enjoying the lifestyle and people are friendly.  Definitely my kind of life! I can’t wait to get a huge dog one day, these two are way to much fun!

I can’t wait to get back to Golden with our friends!

– KP

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