Winter 2015 – Riding into the Sunshine

Kristina and Ian’s snowboarding madness! This must have been before he snowplowed me – leaving a large bruise on my thigh and rather large dent! lol!
Father – Daughter Ski/Snowboard day! ❤
Sunshine Village 2015
Feeling on top of the world!


This winter was AWESOME! Although I do miss being pregnant, I was happy I wasn’t during this winter. Last winter I missed boarding season due to the little spawn I was cooking in my belly 🙂  I don’t really know how to “take it easy”, so I had to stop a few things during pregnancy. My husband ALWAYS tells me when I go out for a trip – “Don’t hurt yourself, you’re a mom now, please come home in one piece”, I get the same thing with my soccer games lol!  I guess that is what I get for growing up with boys!
Growing up, it was my Dad and 3 brothers in the house and we didn’t get the chance to ever try skiing together. We all played soccer and my Dad had to take care of 4 kids, so other activities were limited but we had it GREAT! Now that we are older, my Dad has taken up skiing again and many things he wants to do, and has gotten my little sister out as well! My one brother and I fell in love with boarding and now go together when ever we can and are so stoked that we can do it with our Dad to!
My brother and I spent a bit of time in the park throwing ourselves off jumps. He will do rails and boxes, but I just stick to the small and medium jumps. Some I land… and most I crash! I am not much of a tree boarder and he is, I like the wide open trails so I can just go as fast as I can down the hill. It is a GREAT feeling! I am so happy my family and I can enjoy these things together now 🙂

I can’t wait to get Nolan out on the hill one of these days… I think he has to be 3?.. Until then :D!

– KP

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