Paddle Boarding Minnewanka

Paddle boarding Lake Minnewanka
Paddle boarding Lake Minnewanka

I took a stay-cation a few weeks ago and started if off on a Friday with trying for the first time – Stand up Paddle Boarding. We headed out around 10am to the University of Calgary to pick up the inflatables that we rented for the day. Plan was to head out to Moraine Lake up by Lake Louise, because it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I have never been before. We got there around 12, but the road was blocked off and there was a man turning people around because the lot was full. it was PACKED! Absolute madness, way to touristy now a days. So we were pretty bummed out but that was a lesson learned that next time – we need to leave Calgary way earlier. We decided to head down to Lake Minnewanka just by Banff. It was not even close to as busy as Moraine Lake/Lake Louise were, so we stayed, set up and headed out onto the lake. DCIM231GOPRO

One board was longer than the other, the short one was quite short and I went for the long one as I thought it would be easier for my first time. I spent a while just on my knees paddling around. Water was COLD and it was so windy which didn’t help my fear of falling in and being absolutely frozen.DCIM231GOPRO There were quite a few boats around to – whipping up some little waves that messed with my balance, I don’t know the last time my knees have shaking that much! We paddled around for a while, attempted getting up and going back down, repeating that over and over again. We finally switched boards and I actually ended up liking the short one WAY better and once we switched – I stood up the whole time. it was so much fun, so peaceful, and a GREAT workout. I felt it everywhere, my legs, core, arms, shoulders, back, – everything! I will definitely be attempting paddle boarding again hopefully soon. I am really wanting to get something to get out on the water more with Nolan. I am not sure if I want a Kayak, a Canoe, or a Paddle board – so I want to try a few different things.

Relax and take in the view
Relax and take in the view

I have this picture in my head that he is sitting down by my feet and just watching, and enjoying it, playing with the water and I am paddling around… *sigh* 🙂 and every once in a while he would look up, and I would look down and I would be able to see him just enjoying the time. Right now – I don’t think he would sit very still for it, so I will take this year to try some things out and hope that next summer, he will understand that mom doesn’t want to swim after Nolan today, she just wants to paddle ha-ha!


Ice-cream and Mountains - yes!
Ice-cream and Mountains – yes!

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