Wasootch Ridge Climb


Autumn hiking! – WOW! Larch season is HERE and the colors are unreal! I cant get enough of it and it end up being over way too quickly. Every time you head out the colors are more and more vibrant, well from my experience this fall, anyway. Then it will get to the point where every time you head out – those colors start to disappear and become less and less, and then the snow will be covering it all!

Waiting at the Gas station
Waiting at the Gas station

This Sunday morning, I headed downtown Calgary to pick up my friend and one of his friends. We did our usual Subway stop across the street from his building and then headed out to meet the rest of our group at the Petro gas station on the highway just on the TransCanada highway – a common meeting spot for groups heading to the mountains. When the other group showed up – our two car convoy headed out on the TransCanada to Kananaskis Country! When we arrived at our destination, it sure was windy but we were all prepared for that and rain. The one friend, @indragram is known to have gotten lost a few times with other people as well, so I was happy to hear other peoples adventure stories with him getting lost, we all shared some laughs ha-ha. Speaking of getting lost, as we headed out on our hike for the day, we start going down the dried up river valley and some guy over hears us all talking about  how we’ve all been or  most of us have been lost with our friend and he pipes us as we pass him and says “Are you guys looking for Wasootch Ridge?

One peak on the Ridge
One peak on the Ridge

725The start of that trail is right over here and its straight up”. We all stopped and turned around 719and just laughed. Typical adventures with @indragram. That guy wasn’t kidding either, right from the start, it was straight up hill, my calves and quads were burning instantly! We eventually made it up to an open spot on the top of the Ridge, our first peak of the day with plenty of great views from all around, so naturally – we all stopped for some fun and funny photos.

along the Ridge
along the Ridge

After a little while of goofing around and chatting with each other, we got focused again and continued on along the Ridge to reach the next peak. In the distance, it looked like some clouds would eventually be rolling in and the weather was hit and miss.

You’ve got to love that unpredictable mountain weather! At some points, me and another girl were in our sports bras because it was so hot out, and climbing those hills was just making us 748sweat and other times the wind would pick up and the sun would go away and it would be so cold!

I really enjoyed this hike, once we got up onto the Ridge, the ups and downs weren’t so bad. The path was pretty faded in some areas and the Ridge seemed to get skinnier and skinnier at some points but it kept you on your toes and pretty interesting!729 This wasn’t a very high Ridge so we were in the trees the whole time, but it was so beautiful and the views were amazing. We sat on the side of the mountain for our lunch eventually and just chatted about how we all knew each other, or how we all met. One guy was from Greece, just visiting his friend for a few weeks. He had never been to the Rocky Mountains and wanted to see them so he came hiking with us and enjoyed it! It was pretty nice hearing what he thought about Alberta and his time in Canada. 777

We decided to go back after lunch as a few people in the group wanted to walk a rope that they brought. On our walk back we found a good spot in the trees at the top of the ridge with a great view. We set up the rope there and a few people played around on that. I worked on my head stands with another girl on the side of the mountain ha-ha. 780

761This was such a cool hiking adventure, the way down was quite hard on the knees, as the way up was super steep. Few of us had a few good slips on the way down but we were all good!785

Till the next adventure!


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