Fall has come and gone. . .

IMG_0386IMG_9960I can’ believe it has been about two months since my last post, I was doing so well with our summer adventures and then as we all do, I got caught up. AND – my luck with computers is just shit. The computer I had – has some issue with it so that’s making it a little hard to post.

IMG_0254What is new? Well! Fall, is definitely one of my favorites, and it is already gone! The colors, the smell, no quite full on jacket weather but also not tank top and shorts weather either. It sure is cozy though! My son and I had a few adventures, as I was off work mid September to mid October. We made sure we had fun while I was searching for work. Shortly after starting my new job, I broke my arm in soccer and then two weeks after that, I had tonsil removal surgery. (Tonsillectomy). So that has put me out of the game for a while in all activities. Although, before my surgery, my son and I got out to Troll Falls for a little hike, but I’ll post that separately. šŸ˜‰

IMG_0374Needless to say, there has been a bit of recovery time needed and we will get back at it! I am searching hard for a snowboard to start toting my wee man around on, just getting him used to the balance. I have been to Sport Chek, Atmosphere and MEC – and all I can find is one that is slightly to tall for him but I think it will work out just fine, and for a few years! It’s not like he’s going to be shredding crazy shit by tomorrow, and all I want is to get him used to it and comfortable with balance. Then next winter we can probably get a bit more serious.

I did end up buying him a wooden sled that I can pull him around in and am interested in doing that whileĀ I am hiking or snowshoeing if he will stay put. I am excited for our winter adventures! and I can’t wait to get out on the slopes myself! My cast comes off on the 14th of December and then hopefully I can rehab it and get back to the gym and the slopes!

IMG_0207A few things we ended up doing this fall were walks down in Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary, with my mom, my son’s Amma. That’s our thing, we just love it there! We love the leaves and couldĀ – r more like DID – play in them for hours on numerous days! You can’t tell me those colors aren’t amazing?!
My son has been so great since he has been born, in everything I have taken him out in. I might over dress him, I may be a freak about him not having enough coverage from the sun,IMG_0413 or sunscreen on, I may try to over feed him before we go out, and during ha-ha, and I may over pack for him, but he sure is happy and I couldn’t be happier sharing all of these adventures with him. He is the perfect adventure partner.

Our adventures will continue shortly as my boy is currently getting over a chest cold and I still have another week of dr.’s orders – NO strenuous activities, so for me – I need to stay in or else I will totally take it too far! ha-ha.

I have a week off over the Christmas holidays, my cast will be off by then if all is well, my son should be better, and we will be back at it! Some sledding, hiking, and just playing in the snow if it plans on snowing at all!

Tell then! – K



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