Mommy & Me Adventures: Troll Falls 

Saturday night, about 8:00pm, I am in bed ready for lights out. Nolan is asleep in his room and I don’t have much else to do. My good adventure buddy messages me up and says “let’s get out tomorrow, it’s Sunday and it’s going to be beautiful!”  I am always a bad last minute planner, not sure if it’s just because it stresses me out because I think I’m forgetting things or I just … Want to have a plan.  Either way I said screw it, Nolan and I are going hiking tomorrow! I hopped out of bed, switched the lights on, and packed all of our clothes and bags up and hopped back into bed :).


We woke up around 8am and headed out to pick up our friend. We made it out to Troll falls around 12:00pm and the weather was great! It was Nolan’s first wintery – snowy hike! We got out there and I was struggling with how to get everything on him and keep it dry, keep him dry and keep him warm all at the same time. Luckily – it was not a FREEZING day out, it was actually pretty nice, but I still worry about him being comfortable. I am a MOM! ha-ha, I can’t help it!

Troll Falls Nov 2015

We finally got our stuff on, gave up on trying to put on his little mittens that kept falling off, and went on our way! It was not a long hike at all which I think was perfect for our first snowy hike. There was a good bit of snow and as we got further in – it got a little shady and slippery.

Troll Falls Nov 2015

Once we got to the falls – we spent quite a bit of time there. It was a really cool spot with lots to look at, take photos and crawl around.IMG_0754 I was told the reason its called Troll Falls is because all of the holes in the rock is like little Troll homes! I thought that was a pretty cute story and thought it would be neat to share with Nolan one day. Apparently there is another set of falls up a bit higher, but when we went to check it out, I did not feel comfortable with Nolan. The pathway got skinnier and the rock wall above our head was jutting out too far – I thought I was going to walk Nolan into it at some points. The trail was covered by shade and quite slippery – it wasn’t worth the risk to me – At all! I need to get Nolan a helmet for our future adventures.

IMG_0745We spent a lot of time here, goofing around and eventually Nolan wanted to get out and play so we headed back. I was not comfortable either – taking him out because he didn’t have proper boots, and I want to get him a harness to attach to me when we hike and he starts walking on his own on our hikes. It would make me feel much better and safer with him!

Till next time!


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