Winter 2015/2016

IMG_1735Since our Troll Falls adventure, we haven’t been out a ton in the mountains. That is completely my fault, I haven’t even been out snowboarding yet! I kept saying I wanted to do all of these things this winter with my boy and they just didn’t happen and I am not sure what the reason was and I don’t want to make excuses. I think maybe I just let the fact that I have never done winter hiking or snow shoeing or anything like that with a kid, stop me and I just didn’t reach out to anyone.IMG_1529

IMG_1362For myself, I did go to Lake Louise with a girlfriend and we did some skating and just had a girls day in the mountains. it was short and sweet, and we had a nice lunch after and checked out the ice sculpture competition going on. it is quite impressive what those people can create out of a massive block of ice! Definitely some crazy amount of talent out there.

AIMG_1139lthough Nolan and I never went to hikes in the mountains, we still managed to get out and about around the city and parks. We played on the front street in the piles of snow in our little sled and that was definitely a work out for me. Nolan enjoyed hanging over the edge with his hand in the snow until he realized snow was getting up his arm through his mittens. I think that day – he learned the purpose of keeping his mittens on! 😛

IMG_1501Nolan’s abuela and tia took him to Elbow falls with some other family and kids while I was at work one day and the kids played all day from what I heard. Nolan loves to throw rocks into the water, and just throw rocks period! They spent a good portion of their day out there and I am happy IMG_1509Nolan was able to go and get outdoors and play. I am thankful that the rest of the family shows an interest in getting the kids outdoors, and I am also happy he was able to be around another little boy.

We’ve been to FishCreek Park a number of times over the winter season, it never gets old! It is such a beautiful spot in all seasons! I love how it’s so big and in the city, but at times you don’t even feel like you’re in the city. It’s great for those days we can’t get away and need something close. IMG_1616

I moved into the city from Okotoks at the start of February and since we moved, we’ve spend a lot of time at the river, which we live just off of, and a lot of time walking downtown and watching people, buses, going to playgrounds, watching for birds, planes, helicopters, and so much more. IMG_1727He is becoming so aware of everything he sees and hears. It is so impressive. I love where we live, and he does too apparently because every time we go into the building or out he’s yells “AGUA AGUA! Mama AGUA Y BIRDS!” ha-ha, he gets quite upset when we go inside. He loves to feed the ducks, just like his mama, so we are going to have to work on finding pellets or making our own bird food because we have to stop feeding the birds bread! (oops!)
Mama: Nolan – what does a duck say?
Nolan: Honk-honk!
Mama: Nolan, say helicopter
Nolan: Ah-cocker
ha-ha – too much fun outdoors!

IMG_1756This past weekend, we attempted a mountain adventure. We headed out to Lady MacDonald in Canmore and it was a beautiful day for it. We went out with my mom as she loves the mountains as well. IMG_1760Once we got all ready, packed set up and Nolan in it and on my back, we headed off to the trail head. Once we got to the trail head, we headed in and didn’t get very far until I slipped! I did not see … ice! I thought it was just melting snow, running down the muddy path but no, it was ice with muddy water running over it.IMG_1764 My mom immediately turned us around as she was startled and Nolan was quite startled as well. No one got hurt! But it wasn’t worth it for me to put myself or Nolan through any more stress. Or my mom either for that matter ha-ha! We headed back down and just hiked around the area for about 5km and headed back for some lunch and then headed out for the day. IMG_1779I will tackle that mountain this coming weekend hopefully with some friends and no kid this time.

IMG_1231Nolan’s father has taken an interest in hiking as well and took him out to Johnston’s Canyon a few weeks ago and loved it! He loved carrying his boy and experiencing it with him, which I am happy about! I am happy they can share the experience. His dad told me he is looking forward to more adventures with his boy this summer I the mountains so stay tuned for Nolan and Papa’s adventures! (As long as he lets me share a bit of them).

I bought Nolan a backpack with a harness on it the other day and am EXTREMELY excited to put it on him and head out to some small trails to get him used to it. He is a very independent kid with a mind of his own and wants to run and walk when wants to! And as much as I don’t want to stop carrying him, I know I will have to eventually. This summer will be a lot of carrying, walking, back in the carrier, walking. Ha-ha but it will be fun and a whole new experience for both of us! As always – I am looking forward to our next adventure together!



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