Kristina’s Adventures – Mt. Lady MacDonald

IMG_1867This adventure felt like such an accomplishment! Not only because it was the first big hike of the season for me, but I finally got my man out, who’d been saying he wanted me to take him forever but, kept pushing it off so I stopped offering. Finally one day, he says – “let’s go hiking Saturday! Take me on one of your adventures and ill just go! Tell me what to pack and I’ll be there!” I got so excited and that’s exactly what I did. He had a friend lend him a bunch of gear, which was quite handy so we were both prepared and ready to go come Saturday! IMG_0922

We met up at a decent time in the morning and got to the mountains at about 11AM. The weather was pretty decent, long pants and a sweater to start and as soon as we started climbing – the layers started to come off! I am not the type to rush up and down the mountain, if there is time to spare then I quite enjoy stopping multiple times, turning around and looking at how far we’ve come, and how the view changes the higher you go.IMG_0923 I just soak it all in, and then continue on. My company seemed quite happy doing the same, and seeing the smile on his face made me feel pretty good! It’s so nice finding someone to share these things with and that they will enjoy it just as much as you do!

IMG_1862I hadn’t done a hike like this since last summer, and this one being my first big one of the year – felt pretty nice that I was the guide this time. We kept pushing upwards and there was a bit more ice and snow as we went.  A lot of people had micro spikes, we did not ha-ha! but we still made it. Being spring, the snow is melting and the ice is just covered in mud and not always the easiest to spot so there was definitely some slips going up! The slips on the way down,  that’s a different story. I ended up with a hole in the butt of my pants and a fist sized black and blue bruise on my ass for weeks! lol! Well worth it though.

IMG_0919We really enjoyed our hike up the mountain, clearing the trees and eventually making it to the Heli-pad for some lunch. The views  were beautiful, the clouds brewing across the way seemed intense! We had good conversation with some people we had passed, and they had passed us numerous times. Definitely one of my favorite things is chatting with all the people you meet at the top for lunch 🙂 ! Finding out where everyone is from, what they have done so far this season, their plans, and what they do other than climb mountains. Meeting like minded people just adds to the great day and experience.

IMG_1875IMG_0918The view was stunning from the Heli-pad. Canmore on one side, and a whole other mountain range on the other side. So beautiful every way you looked. It started to get extremely windy so we never kept going to the top. We decided to make the trek down which was a lot harder in my mind, ha-ha, as I said – I slipped NUMEROUS times and ended up with a hole in my pants and a big dark bruise on my BUTT!IMG_1877

All in all, it was a great day and I felt proud to be the “guide” on this hike. The smile on his face was all worth it 🙂 and I cant wait to share another adventure with him.

Till next time!







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