Kristina’s Adventures: Yamnuska May 6, 2016


My first SUMMIT!

Friday morning I had to run to the dentist because, the day before I had my crown crack and I swallowed a good chunk of it . . . from ground chicken and rice! What the heck! I sat down and said to the dentist – “I have a mountain to climb today. . ” he laughed and thankfully, just said it was fine as long as it wasn’t causing me any pain and it didn’t look like there were any openings for cavities to start cooking up! I hopped out of that chair and headed to meet my friend so we could head out!

I had gone to Mount Royal University with this friend and we randomly reconnected over Snapchat I think it was, a few months prior to this hike. He started to get more into fitness, the gym and eager to get out on more hikes so it was perfect that our schedules lined up and we were able to get out to Yamnuska together.IMG_0315

We headed out about 10:00am on a Friday, so the highways were not bad at all and, Yamnuska is very close! It felt nice not having to carry 40-45lbs of a wobbly carrier with a child, ha-ha, although I would have loved to have gotten Nolan to the top! I don’t think that would have worked out at all! Being that it is spring, and spring seems to have “sprung” early this year, ha-ha, everything was so nice and green.IMG_0523 The colors are starting to pop like crazy! We would only get so far up and kept turning around as we got higher and higher to see just how much the green made the mountains pop and look so blue! The pines, spruces, everything smelt so nice! We saw some kind of crazy bird on the way up that looked like it had a giant eye on its neck. Very weird!

IMG_0321On the way up, we saw a few people who were there to climb the mountain. Carrying all of there ropes and clips, chalk and helmets – they looked eager and ready to go! That’s something, hike all of your gear up and still have energy to pull your body up the mountain for the day. I would like to try climbing one day, but I also need to get over my fear of heights. Yes, I have a large fear of heights and I’d like to get to the tops of mountains. ha!

IMG_0338IMG_0322As we hiked up, we finally got to the steep rock face and then headed east along the base of that around to the other side of the mountain. We stopped a lot to take in the views, take photos, take photos for other people and climb around a bit. We got to one spot where you could look over the edge and see straight down, and I mean STRAIGHT down!! 😐

I totally lost my confidence in even moving anywhere on that mountain after that, lol, my body instantly started trembling and I wanted to turn around and leave! Shortly after that is when we decided to have lunch so I could calm down and stop shaking! It was insane, how one side you can see the hill up to that point and IMG_0332.jpgthen look over the other side and see STRAIGHT down.. a long, long ways!

After that, and taking some photos of course, we made our way back on trail and moved upwards towards the summit! I have always heard about this chain part on the mountain but never knew where it was or what it would be like.IMG_0595 It was pretty cool, and once you look back and realize what you were climbing around, you feel pretty good! I did get a little nervous on the chains as well, because there was a little spot where I didn’t really know where to put my feet! But, I just needed to have more confidence in my self and my abilities and it was no big deal at all! After that, it was off to the summit and we were there in no time!IMG_0537

IMG_0463We thought we were the last ones out but started to see two other groups of people coming up not to far behind us and we all hit the summit together. One couple was from Quebec, and the other one was from Ontario, but the guy was living out here. He thought he was just bringing his girlfriend on a trail hike and she had never been to the Rocky’s before. Little did she know, she was going to reach a summit her first time here! We all had a snack at the top and chatted for a while before heading down separately.

Heading down was an absolute blast in the scree! We just ran down it and it felt like …. sliding down the mountain, it was so much fun and we laughed so much! The hike down was nice, as we headed around to the west side of the mountain, to the front of the steep rock face. It was nice to have a different route down, it was a pretty beautiful loop! I’ve never seen a lot of wildlife but I got to see a marmite.IMG_0416 It was pretty fat and not the fastest runner so as we walked across the mountain, he trailed along for a bit as well.IMG_0367

Finally we reached the bottom and celebrated with a high five, a cheer and a hug! Pretty awesome day, with pretty awesome people!

Where should I go next?

Till next time. .


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