Adventure with Friends, Troll Falls Part 2 May 29, 2016

Troll Falls May 29 2016 (11)

Troll Falls Part 2, Spring addition – last time we went it was winter and the falls were partially frozen. Quite beautiful but of course – you had to see it not frozen too!

What I like about Troll Falls, is that, we were able to workout in the morning, grab lunch, and then head out to the falls. It is not far, and we did not end up getting home too late.

Troll Falls May 29 2016 (13)We invited my friend out with his daughter, as she had been mentioning that she too wanted to go to the mountains and hike. I was pretty happy that we had company this time and that Nolan had another kid to be with. It was going to be fun and interesting seeing how he did, how he would pay attention, and if he would follow his friend around or run off.

We got there early afternoon and I didn’t even bring a carrier for Nolan at all. He was going to walk and maintain the pace for this little hike. I brought his little  back pack – harness and tried hooking up the strap from me to him. He did NOT enjoy that at all.  IT IS NOT A LEASH! ha-ha, as I have mentioned before, I am a crazy paranoid mom and all I can think of, is if his tiny hand slips out of mine and he takes off and falls down an edge, – I cant even think of it! Troll Falls May 29 2016 (15)So that is why we have this back pack with the tie. It is originally bought as a snowboarding backpack harness, but I thought it would serve well in the mountains also.

The first few times I tried to put on Nolan’s backpack, he hated it and would freak out. I didn’t want to push it on him, because I didn’t want him to be afraid of it forever. We gradually kept trying and he eventually started to ask me to wear his b0ackpack everywhere. So the next thing up was to try the tie. He REALLY didn’t like that. This hike was the first time I tried that, so that will be a gradual work in progress as well. We ended up taking it off at the start of the hike and he instantly became happier, of course! Running around and just chatting again to everyone and everything. We will work on the tie!Troll Falls May 29 2016 (16)

It wasn’t a very busy hike at all, and again – it is short. It was nice to see all the kids out on the trails as well and how other parents do it. Nolan and his friend ran around the trail with us, picking up sticks, pointing out trees, birds, rocks, anything that caught there eye. There sure was a lot. Eventually, we got to the falls and I tried to take Nolan up behind them with me, but he was not up for it. Being spring, the falls were not frozen like last time we visit. Last time, they seemed quieter as not as much water was coming out. It was more of a trickle last time, and this time it was booming! I ended up going up by myself and just breathing it in.

I quite enjoyed it up there, and once I came down, I thought I was still being sprayed by water, but I wasn’t. It had actually started to rain. I was prepared with Nolan’s rain jacket and quickly put that on. He took a good bail over a tree root and I ended up carrying him back to the car, THE WHOLE way! ha-ha. He did well, I was proud that he made it to the falls on his own so I was ok carrying him back because he was sad.

I cant wait for another adventure with my boy!


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