Mommy and Me Adventures: Hike it Baby Minnewanka June 4, 2016

Hike it baby finally happened!

I had come across this group months ago through Instagram and immediately fell in love with the idea of the group. I had been searching for so long for other people close by who wanted to get out and do the same thing. So through Instagram, I decided to search more on this Hike it baby group, and found out that Calgary had group outings! I was so excited and determined to make the June 4th hike at Lake Minniwanka, and I did! It was the perfect way to start my birthday, the mountains with my boy 🙂

Jun 4 16 (5)We woke up with enough time to grab the bag I packed the night before, get breakfast and toss a few extra things together, and headed out. I was trying to get Nolan to sing happy birthday to me and he would do little parts every once in a while on the way up. It just melted my heart!

I thought I was running late and totally holding up the group, so when Nolan and I parked, I was in a mad dash to get his pack together and get him in it, and then get the pack on my back! This boy is NOT getting any lighter! I have to sit on the ground, and put the pack on and then try to stand up. People around me just laugh and then when I actually make it up – they seem impressed. At the end of a hike though, there is no getting up again, haha, its a one time thing.

Jun 4 16 (3)We headed down the parking lot, excited to meet the group. We met up with them, and then I quickly found out we were waiting for quite a few more people, and we ended up waiting a while, so I didn’t feel guilty anymore about being 2 minutes late. The first group of people I met was women, her husband, and their small dog and their son who I think wasn’t even a year yet. Another women, her daughter who was 3-4 months old and a medium sized dog who I fell in love with and got to walk a few times too 🙂  As more people started to show up – I lost track of who was who. We did group introductions, set a few respectful rules together and headed out.Jun 4 16 (2)

The group ended up splitting into two groups, a bit if a slower paced one and one that wanted to move a little quicker and not stop so much. That is the group Nolan and I were in. We probably hike for a good hour and a half to two hours in and then decided to turn it around. It was a beautiful hike and I definitely think I will be going back there to do it again and get a little farther. Being out there with all those people who had their kids also, made me so happy. It was EXACTLY the kind of thing I was looking for. Exactly the kind of people I wanted to communicate with. Nolan had a blast seeing all the other babies and chatting away, and singing for us all.

Jun 4 16 (6)On the return, we stopped by the lake, had some lunch and threw rocks and sticks in the water. Nolan was super excited to get face to face with the dogs and throw sticks or rocks for them! He burst out laughing when they would shake all their water off and soak him, then lick his face off. Now the challenge was to tell him we had to go home as he DID NOT want to leave!

After some fun at the lake, we all parted ways and headed home. It was quite a fun adventure and SO nice to meet other moms and their kids. I look forward to doing it again and meeting more people!


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