Adventure with Friends: Grassi Lakes July 2, 2016

13599862_1045339282168394_5074659366398537075_nThe Canada Day, Long weekend ended up turning out a lot better than I thought it would, as the forecast called for rain and thundershowers for a chunk of it!  – but still managed to get a lot in and it was MUCH needed!

I can’t believe how much I crave open space! Fresh air, quiet, trees, mountains, the scenery, all of it! How cluster phobic a city really makes me feel, the tall buildings, the loud cars, clusters of people, the stink! ha-ha!

Initially, I intended on hitting up Heart Creek with the kids as I had seen people posting about it on Facebook and it looked like a good one to do with kids. On our way out though, I realized I was not as prepared as I thought I was! I forgot my bear spray and something told me, maybe we shouldn’t do that one, and maybe we should go to a bit of a busier spot. Even though I am not a fan of super busy on the trails, but no bear spray and kids…. I wanted to play it safe. 13606735_1045339215501734_7350157142763608751_n

Instead, we drove a little further and headed to Grassi Lakes in Canmore. The parking lot was packed, of course, and all up the road was packed, again – of course! Such a popular, touristy spot, but I kept my cool and we packed the kids up and got on our way. We took the trail marked “difficult” up and intended on taking the service road down but we continued on past the service road and made it up to the lake, where the tower is up there. Not sure what the lake is called. 13567280_1045339222168400_4685995401336425507_nAfter that we headed down the road on the side of the mountain, as I was NOT going to go down the same way we came up. There was people slipping and sliding down as we were coming up and I just was not up for a collision with either of our kids and someone else.

It was a beautiful hike up, not what I was expecting at all. Nolan was carried the whole time, lucky man, and the 7 year old little lady hiked the whole way!13524364_1045339278835061_4824939926951563429_n She sure was exhausted after! She was scared at times, the thinning of the trails, the loads of people and high steps, the slipping, but she kept pushing through. I had her hand and just tried to coach her through it and she was so happy she conquered it after!

I was really impressed with the colors of the water at Grassi  Lakes, and how clear it all was! all the greens, blues, and yellows, it was beautiful! I also never realized how much climbing people do in that little area, above the lakes and past the service road. It was really quite nice up in there. 13592289_1045339285501727_8428259286289025750_n

I was really proud of myself for keeping calm through the madness of people, and kids jumping and slipping into me while coming down as we were going up, (not cool!) and how our kids did. It ended up being a bit longer of a day for all us, but we all felt accomplished and enjoyed our selves. Another adventure that Nolan and I could take our friends on and share the experiences with 🙂

Till next time. . .



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