Mommy & Me Adventures: Ptarmigan Cirque, P.2 – Aug 9 16

Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (9)You did Ptarmigan Cirque again, so soon after you had already done it?

Yes, yes I did.

I honestly thought I would never repeat-hike but, I lied! That has quickly changed, ha-ha as I have repeated a few and would love to repeat some others. I had to repeat this one, as it was the week I was off with my son and I was itching to get out with the Hikeitbaby Calgary group. Thankfully, someone set this one up and we were able to make it.

Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (11)
Nolan loves getting “faffee” with Mami!

We packed up the night before, as usual – so we could just wake up, eat, get a coffee and leave early in the morning. I estimated an hour and a half, thinking there was no way it would take longer than that, but I was wrong. I am used to living on the outskirts of the city, making it easier to escape the crowds of traffic and hit the highway right away. I now live downtown Calgary and need to add on an extra 20 minutes to half an hour apparently, just to get out of the congestion! I definitely miss the suburbs! Anyways, it was a beautiful drive out, which Nolan, of course, slept most of the way for. We arrived at the parking lot just after 9:30 AM and I am freaking out as I have NO service and I feel so bad for potentially holding the group up. I am usually (keyword here – USUALLY) always on time, and I dislike being late more than anything! BUT, turns out I was the first person there so, my guilt quickly faded. Nolan and I slowly got ready, took our time as other rolled in and let him run around before I strapped him onto my back.


Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (12)We had a good group for this hike, and I ended up hiking with a lady I met at the Hikeitbaby Calgary – Lake Minnewanka hike, on my birthday! So that was pretty neat to see a familiar face from before. We made our way along the trail, across the highway and up the mountain. Once we cleared the tree line, Nolan was eager to get out. Ptarmigan Cirque, in my opinion, is perfect for a toddler to run around – especially once you clear the tree line. Last time, I forgot our carrier so he walked most of the way in the trees, and up! I was impressed, but then he wanted me to carry him, so another family lent me a carrier which was incredible! So back to this time, he got out after we cleared the tree line, I took his back-pack off my front and strapped it onto him and watched him as he just ran down the trail, smelling the flowers, (he loves flowers), and trying to find out where the water was coming from and trying to run in that direction.Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (14)

“Mami, come on! Corre Mami, corre!” (Run Mommy)

Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (19)My heart was just, absolutely MELTING, watching him run with his little back-pack! Watching his little bum wiggle, the back-pack bounce around, and him turning back – telling me to “come on!” always keeps me going 🙂

Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (23)We came to a point in the trail where there were a bunch of rocks, the creek flowed through and there were some flat spots to sit and have lunch. We probably sat here for a good half an hour to 45 minutes and had lunch. I had to bribe Nolan with rocks – so he would actually eat his lunch. He would much rather play than eat, so once he finally ate a sandwich and had some water and juice, he was free to roam! Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (3)It was so much fun just watching him pick up rocks, throw them in the water, and find a new spot to climb on, to just watch him be in the outdoors. To watch him enjoy the very thing I enjoy so much!

Once we finished up our lunch and rest, everyone strapped their kids back on and we got ready to head back onto the trail. I put Nolan back on me, as the path going forward was rocky and we crossed the creek twice.Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (2) I don’t feel good picking him up and carrying him across creek crossing or unsettled rocks. I don’t ever want to slip and fall and lose his hand and he falls in another direction – so I am much more comfortable for the time being, with him strapped to my back. That way, I can see in front of me just fine and my hands are free to help me balance and I know where he is 🙂 (Call me a crazy, over cautious mom! I’m ok with that).

Ptarmigan Aug 9 2016 (8)We headed back down the mountain to the parking lot and enjoyed some nice conversation with the other ladies. It’s pretty nice meeting other moms with the same interests. Again, I wish I had met more of these people when Nolan was first born as I struggled to get out in the first 6-9 months with him. But – it is never too late and we are LOVING it, and we are only going to meet more people and see more amazing places together.

On a final note, the spot we had lunch, there is a trail that goes back further into the rocks – that I am dying to go explore, and see just how far back it goes, and what the views are like there – so I know for a fact I will be back to this trail for a THIRD time!

Till next time. . .

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