Kristina’s Adventures: Mt. Temple – Aug 26, 16


There’s literally, not enough words or time to describe, explain – everything I felt and saw, did this day!

This was a huge day and I am so happy to be able to say – I summited Mt. Temple. I am sure to many of you – this is no big deal and you may have summited much more intense mountains or – have done way more extreme things, but to me – I have not. This is my second year hiking they way I do – and I had an opportunity to hit up Temple – so I absolutely jumped on it! Maybe I am a huge cheese ball to – but the mountains are such a happy place for me and, it wasn’t just the feeling of accomplishment of getting to the top – but all I saw and experienced. The rush I get, the smile that stays on my face.. wow. We really do live in such a beautiful place and I am so lucky to be a short drive away from all of this.

14199384_1082811318421190_857725569250688875_nIt was earlier in the week, or the week before we actually did the hike, where one of my bosses came to my neighbors office and said “Hey – I am doing Mt. Temple on Friday and you should come, if you want to!” . . my jaw drops and I slowly slide out of my office . . hoping he will ask me if I am interested to!!! Lol, I don’t think I was directly invited, I just made it known how BADLY I wanted to go with them, that he eventually said – well come!

img_2973The morning finally came and I drove to the office for 5:15 AM to be picked up by my co-worker. We were both quite excited and a little nervous I think, as our boss is quite adventurous  and we just wanted to make sure we kept a good pace. We were going with two of his other friends so the group of 5 – was headed to meet at Moraine Lake parking lot for 7:30 AM. We saw our boss pass us on the way up so we followed him into a parking lot at Lake Louise and got a coffee, and then headed up to the parking lot at the lake. The parking lot sure fills up quickly there, so it was nice getting there early like we did. As we drive down the road to Moraine Lake, I was completely in AWE! I couldn’t believe I had never been down that way before, incredibly beautiful! We got ready and put on our layers as it was pretty early and a bit chilly out. Made sure our bags were packed just right, everyone had their bathroom breaks and then we headed off! It didn’t take long to heat up and start removing layers, that’s for sure!iAs we started our way up on the trail, one of the guys in our group just took off! ha-ha, he was speedy! I quickly worked up a sweat and was a little ahead of the rest of our group so I had some time to stop and remove a few layers, eventually ending up in a tank top in the shaded trees! I do not like being super sweaty and figured it would be pretty cold up at the top so I would need some dry clothes!img_2980

The way up through the trees and switch backs gave a very nice view of Moraine Lake below, and seeing it as you got higher and higher – the color changes and its unreal how bright it is! Once the switch backs ended and the trail wasn’t so much of a climb up anymore, you made your way through the trees to a beautiful open area. I was NOT expecting that at all. I guess I just thought we were hitting it hard on the up img_2982right from the start. It was a nice break from going up and offered a beautiful view all around. The whole area opened up a lot more once you cleared the trees and I had to stop and try to take it all in. It was so overwhelming to keep on walking and trying to see all of it at the same time. You can see the “Valley of the Ten Peaks” – Stunning! You see Faye Glacier, Mount Temple, Eifel Peak or mountain, what ever it is called, and so much more!e I NEED to, yes, NEED TO – go back to this spot before it closes for the season!

We continued through the pass, and all met up at this little lake just below the saddle between Temple and Eifel. Once we all met up there, we continued to make our way again – upwards and onwards! Through the rocks, and a few more switch backs, – we made it to the saddle area where we all stopped to have a few snacks, take off a layer or two to prepare for the intense climb and put our helmets on!

Already mind blown from what I had seen and been hiking through, the views I was exposed to, who knew how much better it was going to get! Rocks, rocks and more rocks – I love it! I couldn’t believe I was on my way to the top. We just kept taking little breaks to turn around and – GASP! – take it all in! I could’ve spent way more time on that mountain. Maybe one day! 14068225_1082811628421159_101143690854960407_n

We got to the “Grey band” area where we had to hand on – climb up. I was so surprised because last year – there was no WAY I was hands on climbing up something, I was to afraid and caught up in thinking how I was going to get down. I think I could climb up anything, but down is what freaks me out. I feel I have done a lot this year, in terms of testing myself and my nerves. I really have learned to trust my self! I remember asking some of my friends who have done temple numerous times, if they thought I could do it. They said “physically – yes, mentally – I need to make sure my nerves are in check”. Thinking of that the whole time getting up to the Grey band, I felt totally fine!14199333_1082814408420881_9082267908050996649_n No shaking, but confident I could do this, as I was with great people who I trusted and felt comfortable with. We nailed it! I made it through and now NOTHING was going to stop me from getting to the top. ( Unless mother nature decided to go crazy – that’s about it though ha-ha). IT was definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Next up after the Grey band, I believe was the “Gold band” which was not bad at all. Still some hands on climbing but not as straight up as the Grey band. (Again – this is just in my own opinion) We made our way up that nicely and just kept continuing to climb and every once in a while look back, or stop to take photos 🙂 We kept passing the same people, making jokes, and meeting all sorts of new people on the way up. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging.

img_5810Eventually, all of the giant boulders and large obstacles started to clear and the Summit became more visible. We started to see snow, and the climb became a little steeper, and a lot more scree. It felt like we hit a point, where we were heading right – on to the edge of the mountain, to then take a turn left and follow up the ridge of it to the SUMMIT! I couldn’t believe it, I could see it, this was really happening! I pushed and pushed and pushed.img_5830
I kept trying to push past my nerves. I was starting to get nervous because I was tired, there was snow, and it was windy and there were some larger rocks to step through and I didn’t want to roll over on my ankles at the top!

Little Fact: I am scared of wind… yes. Wind!

p1190715Beyond excited, and so many emotions going through my mind – I kept pushing through carefully and made it to the top!

Standing there, I threw my arms up in the air, apologized to everyone around me for what was about to come out of my mouth..

IM ON THE SUMMIT OF MT. TEMPLE! F*****CK YEA!!!!!!14100360_1082811908421131_911809876565702161_n

and just let out gasps of laughter, so happy and satisfied!
One of my friends had told me that you actually get service up at the top and to text them IMMEDIATELY once I made it to the top and I did just that! And – of course I had to post to Instagram and check in on Facebook, lol! With a big “I’m on the top of Mt Temple RIGHT NOW! 14184370_1082811865087802_3362094495726582915_nF-YA! My lunch view is better than yours today!”
I made it to the top with two people in our group, as the other two were still making their way up.

There were two men who came up just behind us who were touring from Germany and they asked for a photo on the top with a Canadian girl, so I felt happy to be in their photo as long as I got one for me, with them. 🙂 14117706_1082811901754465_1171720619474566032_nWe chatted at the top together for a bit, took some photos and then they headed back down. As we waited for the remaining two in our group, more people were coming up and we would chat and take more photos for people. I was surprised at how many people, not only did this alone, bit in runners as well! To each their own right?img_3106

After taking a ton of photos, we finally found a nice spot just off to the side of the summit to sit and enjoy some lunch. The other two made it up and we all sat together and chatted. I think in total we were up there for about an hour. Again I could have stayed there all day! There was a little chipmunk who kept trying to get into this guys backpack that I was watching while he explored the summit. 14191900_1082812028421119_3245589319465746436_nHe sure was eager to get in there, he was trying to dig into the bag so hard. Eventually he made his way over to me and sat on my boot and then ran off.
It’s after lunch now and time to make the trek down. My legs have had some rest and I’m ready to tackle the other half of our adventure. I am quite happy I had my poles this trip. My legs were quite jelly-ish for the way down.
We took our time, and eventually made it back to Sentinel pass and I wanted to kiss the flat trail. My legs were SO tired, I thought that if I tripped over a tree root – I for sure would have had to sleep there for the night, ha-ha! When we got to the little lake at the bottom of Temple, we had another snack and a few of us took off our boots to put our feet in the cold water. 14199372_1082812138421108_2098098806872645793_nBoy did that ever feel nice! Quick rest, shoes back on and then we made our way down yet again, back to the parking lot.

At the parking lot, we said goodbye to one person in our party and the 4 of us went to the Lake Louise Hostel for dinner. Mmmm – I had a chicken curry dish that I absolutely devoured! I absolutely love the appetite I work on the mountains. Nothing compares to stuffing your face after an exhausting day with a fabulous meal and a beer 🙂

p1190775I got a ride home from one of the guys in our group and couldn’t help but pass out shortly after we got in the car. I always try to stay awake because I know how tired the driver must be, but I had ended up with quite the migraine and felt quite nauseous by this time and had to let my self pass out.

At 10:30pm I arrived at my house, dropped everything on the floor, took off my boots and went straight to my bed and crashed.

Till next time. . .

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