Mommy & Me Adventures: Larch Valley – Sentinel Pass, Oct 2 16

I have to start off with saying – my boy is a CHAMP! My little road warrior!

14563551_1112386932130295_6085987136499427823_nWe have never really followed a schedule and I honestly, am not sure if its good or bad. I am sure for some families it works and others it doesn’t. I mean, if we can be home for anywhere between 12-2, then we will try and we will take a nap together somewhere in there. Sometimes I need it just as much as he does haha. Most days though, we are out and about. this boy though, is so good. He doesn’t enjoy being woken up at 530 AM to have his warm PJ’s taken off and his butt wipped with a cold cloth, but when he hears something about food, jeep and mountains – he is up!

As usual, we are up and off to get breakfast and coffee. Nolan loves his “Faffee” too. I love how he has caught on to certain things we do 🙂 He is pretty good with not spilling his drinks in the back seat, two hands always and if he doesn’t want something – to just give it back to mami. The back seat is still a mess, don’t get me wrong, ha-ha, but he tries his best.


I was SO excited to be going to do this hike with my boy. The drive out was early, and extremely foggy! I was afraid it was going to be a cold, and not clear day at all. It turned out to be the complete opposite! We took our time getting ready and all bundled up, stuffing the rest of our breakfast down our faces. I put Nolan on my back and we made our way off to the trail!14570226_1112387292130259_7204481701094060894_n

The parking lot was not very full as we made our way to the trail which was nice as it would not be too crowded yet. The fog had been clearing on our way down Moraine Lake road on the drive in, and as we got onto the mountain trail – it cleared up more and more. The higher we got, the frostier the trail got and the trees. But as the sun peaked out, you could hear the snow starting to drip off the trees. 14566337_1112387125463609_3094276049656796762_o

14573028_1112387308796924_4391519304147798806_nAfter all of the switch backs and narrow trail, we came to a flat spot where you could take a few different trails. I took Nolan off my back as I thought he would enjoy stretching his legs and running for a bit. He had just woken up from a nap on the way up, so he was happy to get down and play in the snow. Again, he was tired, so after that first slip in the snow and refusing to wear his gloves, he ended up on my back again.

14485099_1112387068796948_7359959967787182044_nThe views through the pass were so beautiful. I had seen all of this when we climbed Temple back in August, but now it was all covered in snow and the larches were turning. SO BEAUTIFUL! Tt was early and the sun was hitting everything differently and watching the snow melt throughout the morning was pretty cool too.

14590382_1112386885463633_3192285112314049597_nWe made it to the little lake at the bottom of Sentinel Pass and took a little break there again and took some photos as Nolan was passed out – again! We attempted to go up to the switchbacks up to the pass but I was slipping and – it’s not worth it with my boy on my back. So, we turned around and took our time on the way down.

14572865_1112386805463641_5613278342398617166_nAs we headed down back down, the once icy trail had now turned to a little flowing stream of water, and the crowds had grown a huge amount! Thank goodness for our early morning start.

By the time we got back down to the lake, I took Nolan off my back again and we just played at the lake for a while. At this point it was pretty warm off so we took off a few layers and threw rocks into the lake for a while.14469694_1112387282130260_5831607529053571777_n

All in all it was a nice little hike for the morning.

Till next time. . .

– K

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