To my boy, my adventure partner – another epic summer / fall, 2016


High five my man! Another summer/fall of wicked adventures in the books with you!

Where does the time go? I am very happy with all that we accomplished together. At one point I was a little discouraged because there are so many people I follow and I felt like they were able to do SO MUCH MORE than me, and us, and I was bummed out that I wasn’t at that level maybe or not doing as much as them. But I look back on this blog and – everyone is different. We did some pretty fun stuff and I feel happy, accomplished and just grateful I could do a lot of it with you my boy!

Definitely think we posted a lot more this summer then we did last year, but we also did a lot of little trips and things that never made it into the blog. So once again like last year, we will do a little summary of our summer-fall adventures that are not in here yet.

REGGAEFEST – we went on the Friday night to watch your papa play! you ran around like crazy! you danced, we danced, and you wanted nothing more than to run up on that stage with your papa! One day 🙂


KELOWNA – In June we went to Kelowna for about 5 days. You do so well on the drive out and back. Way better than me! The weather wasn’t as nice as last year but we still had a great time. We did manage to get one nice day in and we went to the beach for that day, which is almost impossible to get you away from! We went to a parade one day, and on the way home we stopped for ice-cream at a dairy farm and played with the cows. you loved the “Vacas” MOOOO!!!


Marsh Loop, Banff – It was a quick last minute decision to get out and hike this day. I just wanted to get out on the Sunday before I had to go back to work and I wanted to explore with you! It wasn’t a long hike at all, or challenging. Just nice to get away and be in the mountains with you!


STAMPEDE – You are a pancake savage! ha-ha! Just like mami! So, Stampede breakfasts were very fitting for us. We didn’t make it to a whole lot, we made it to one downtown and one down south with our friend! Cant go wrong with stampede breakfast!


FORGET-ME-NOT-POND – Another rainy Sunday short hike. We went out with our friend and her crazy Dobe! It was a nice little spot, quick little get away!


DOWNTOWN – We moved downtown, beltline area, in the beginning of the year and some of our adventures were close to home seeing as how we live right by the river. Its was a new spot for us to explore and a lot to see always, and some parks around as well. I was so excited to introduce worms to you! I laughed so hard at how much you loved to find them and just watch them. you wouldn’t step on them but when I picked them up and tried to shove them in your face you would say “eeewwwww mami, gross!”


NOLANS DAY – TRAIN and Pancakes! I was dead set on taking you for pancakes on this day as I felt guilty for how many times I had screwed them up at home. I finally said – I give up and was going to take you for a nice pancake breakfast. We went to humpty’s and you sat right by the window and watched the trains. More like screamed with excitement every time you saw them pass. So, needless to say – we had to go on one. That and, when I tried to walk us in the direction of home, you pulled me the other way and said “no, this way mami.” So we went on a train, and then you wanted off and wanted me to carry you all through downtown. So, I did!


BEACH DAYS – One day in Calgary at a community lake with some friends and then another one out in the mountains at Lake Minnewanka with your uncle and his girlfriend.


Birthday party with one of your day care friends, we went to an animal farm, I think you were the only kid who wouldn’t get on the pony. Next time!
We went to the Zoo with two women I used to work with and there little girls are just a bit younger than you. You were all SOOOO cute. You didn’t seem to care much for the zoo, you just wanted the peacock that was running aroun.
We went for coffee with “Pampa” and that is the BEST photo of you and him EVER!


SOFTBALL – You came to most of mami’s Thursday night softball games and cheered me on. You learned the team pretty well and everyone loved you. How could they not? You’re such a great boy and I am so happy I can take you with me 🙂



NANTON / OKOTOKS – Spent a day out at Nanton looking at the Airplane museum – you loved it! Then we went to Pampas after where we played in the back yard, had a BBQ and played with Aunty and soccer 🙂


BARRIER LAKE – It was a cold one and we were both sick but we both were restless in the house so we ran out for a quick loop at barrier lake and threw some rocks, enjoyed lunch and took it easy.


PHOTOSHOOT –  A friend took some beautiful photos of us and totally captured, US! Our goofiness, our happiness, just us! He is so talented, I literally cried when I got these photos back. All I though to bribe you with was a truck toy ha-ha but he had it all figured out and brought candy. He was so good with you, and you would keep going up to him saying more candy and then he would get a great photo of us! Forever grateful for these photos as they are absolutely unreal ❤ You love the train tracks, and when we lived in Silverado, this was our little spot to escape to and go play. So it was even better that we were able to do these photos here.



GLOBALFEST – Another year that you passed out in my arms in the middle of Globalfest haha!



HALLOWEEN – You went to about 5 houses and lost interest pretty quick because you couldn’t eat your candy right then and there. and you were pissed off at your gloves ha-ha! So after that, you said you wanted to go see pampa. So that is what we did, we sat on the front step and hung out with him while he gave out candy. You were supportive of pampa, lol, and tried talking with all the people who came up saying hey! hey! Guys!


There’s a lot more that we did I am sure, and I cant wait for more my boy! This winter will be exciting as we get out sledding and you on your snowboard!

Love you my boy! Always my forever, forever my always ❤


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