Nolan’s Adventure: Troll Falls, Nov 13 16

troll-falls-2016-2It was Sunday morning and we were off to the mountains again! This time it was lead by the kids! We had a friend invite us out with her, her daughter and son. Her daughter is a few months younger than Nolan and I think her son is just over a year. AND – she is 4-5 months pregnant! Talk about hands full! I definitely have to admire her calm demeanor, patience and happy attitude.

troll-falls-2016-5We met around 10:30 in the parking lots to Troll Falls and got the herd of children ready. My friends daughter had her strider bike so I was hoping Nolan would want to do the same thing and use his, but he definitely did NOT want it, so he walked. It was so nice having another kid there, they just ran around and chased each other, held hands and kept each other going. There were a lot of other families on the trail as well and Nolan loves people so much – he even got in on someone else’s family photos! troll-falls-2016-6

As we made our way along the trail, our friend pushed her son along in the chariot and her and I were just pack mules! When the kids didn’t want the bike, we would carry it and everything else they didn’t want ha-ha. We saw signs about spotting hidden trolls. What a cool idea for the kids, and not only for the kids – us as well! I sure enjoyed it! Once the kids knew there was something to look for – they sure wanted to find them!

Nolan and the little girl kept each other going, trading the strider bike for walking and back and forth. He hasn’t had his for very long and has not wanted to get on it much at all, just push it, drop it, get mom to pick it up – repeat. It was exciting when he saw the little girl on her bike and then he wanted to try! Then of course, once he was on it, she wanted it, and vice versa! He has never rode his before, but wanted hers because she was on it. Tried to just keep telling him that she was sharing with him, so he had to give it back to her. Kids sure are funny. troll-falls-2016

Nolan and I often adventure alone but this time it was so nice to see him interact with another kid his age. It was so interesting to see them chit chat, and hold hands, share toys, and just forget about the parents and being held – and just go with each other. My heart definitely melted at all the little sweet moments.

The falls, as always, were beautiful. The kids were getting hungry, I think, by that point and we went back to the wider trail to get the chariot and all of our snacks. Hangry toddlers = scared mom! ha-ha. Nolan only had me carry him a very short distance this trip and I was so proud of him. troll-falls-2016-3

To be honest, I think I should probably get Nolan out with other kids more, but its so hard to find friends that actually want to do these things. I loved going with this woman and her kids. Her daughter is so independent and adventurous, her and Nolan has a blast. When it is just Nolan and I, he often wants me to carry him and I, of course, cant say no! I absolutely LOVE carrying him. The challenge, keeping him close! But, he is only getting bigger and heavier and it is definitely getting harder for me to go those distances with him on my back. I am working on getting him to take the lead, or to follow with mami. In time though, after all, he is a toddler everything is an adventure 🙂

Till next time…

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