Up in the Sky, Jan 14 2017


What a day! Wow, Speechless and heart racing is how I was left after this day.

A few months ago, I connected with someone I used to work with. I don’t think we ever really hung out but we definitely hung out within the same group of people at a previous job.

Years went by and again, few months ago we re-connected over LinkedIn. IMG_6056I think my one year anniversary at my current job popped up on LinkedIn and apparently he had met with one of the partners a few weeks before he saw my anniversary notification pop up. We got to chatting and eventually met up and had a great time re connecting! Since then, we’ve created a pretty cool friendship.

He had been commenting on my adventures and my blog and how he wanted me to take him on an adventure one day. Finally that day came and I headed out to Canmore early in the morning to meet up with him. We made our way over to Lady Macdonald! We were SO caught up in chatting and taking in the views that we definitely didn’t make it IMG_6033to the top. I’d say we made it about half way?

We got caught up in deep conversation, taking swigs of Malibu and our new friend who didn’t seem to speak any English at all. It was quite interesting and fun sharing the views all together and trying to communicate.

Eventually we had to part IMG_6046ways and head back down as my friend had planned an adventure of his own for us! I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, skating, dog sledding maybe? oh no, nothing like that. He said he’d bet he could get me higher that day and I was like… oh k..
A helicopter ride crossed my mind, but I didn’t think that could possibly be it, that couldn’t be real! BUT IT WAS!!!!!!!



Definitely have to say – I think I more afraid of a plane than a helicopter. I had intense butterflies before we even got in! I thought I would be so scared, in something so small where you would feel so much more! Right up until we took off I was slightly panicked… they put me in the front which was AWESOME! I was so nervous about being in the front because I would see everything! In the end – it turned out to be the BEST spot!

As we started to lift off the ground, I gripped by belt TIGHTLY! As we made our way up and through the mountains, I was so in AWE of everything I was seeing, I totally relaxed and was no longer nervous.IMG_6051 It was such a rush, so much beauty, such a different way to see it all! I could see the mountains under my feet! Like I was sitting on top of them.

One of the coolest experiences 2017 has brought me yet!

Thanks to great times with even better friends!

Till next time.. .


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