Spring is here! Time to SPRING into something new… May 12, 2017

I intended on writing this post as spring had begun, not when it’s almost over, but here I am! Better late than never right?

IMG_7266Spring has been fun, and busy! Looking back at all of the adventures Nolan and I had together last year, and adventures I had with some great people, and wondering what this year will be like. Worked on getting Nolan on his board a few times this winter, not as much as we could have though. We went swimming quite a bit as I think we both preferred the indoors a little more than out. We still walked and played in the snow quite a bit, and did many walks around Canmore.

DSC_5307In mid-march, a friend and I were chatting and randomly started talking about how much we wanted to get into climbing. So – we signed up for the course, got a month membership and that’s how it started. We did our climb course on a Friday evening and I think two days later we went and crushed our belay test and . . off we went with our new adventure!

DSC_5306We have climbed quite a bit together and also met new people and climbed with new people. I never thought I would be doing this, be confident enough to do this and thought it might be like . . the gym! Where you feel like people are judging you because you are just starting, and might not be crushing things like the rest of the people there. but it hasn’t been like that at all! I’ve met some pretty great people and when I am sitting there on the wall dropping F-bombs and struggling, hearing a random voice trying to coach you through your next move and to not give up just yet – really pushes me even harder.

DSC_5236I have enjoyed this so much! Having a little boy, who is now 3, and who also loves to climb anything and everything, I thought this would be something perfect to try with him. So I went out and got a harness for him and took him out that evening. He is interested in it for a short amount of time, but progress is made each time. A month ago, I went with him and another friend and we rented stuff, Nolan wouldn’t even let us tie a rope up to him. But this time he did and we got him hanging! I swear I shed tears being able to share this with him! I was and am SO happy and excited to see where this goes for us.

He wanted to swing, not a good idea because he doesn’t understand that he will swing right back into the wall and hit the holds. He learned fast. I told him if he wanted to swing carefully, he had to climb to a certain spot. Negotiating with a toddler haha! IT worked for a bit.

DSC_5207It is now May and I am eager to keep on practicing indoor climbing, and hope I will get to experience outdoor climbing this summer. As far as climbing with Nolan, I will take it day by day – each time we go and see how he enjoys it. We do a lot and I don’t want to PUSH anything on him, I want to SHARE it with him and have a fun time always. I want him to enjoy our adventures 🙂

He also started soccer this April! It is CHAOTIC and hilarious. Boys cry more than the girls. The girls, are killing it! But it is so cute and I love it. I love coaching my boy and cant believe, I am now coaching my own kid! Definitely brings back a lot of memories from my Dad coaching me all those years.

More climbing and soccer posts to come!

Till next time…


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