Kristina does Mexico: Goodbye 20’s, Hello 30’s! May 31 – June 7, 2017

img_8042Originally, my plan was to go to Puerto Vallarta alone for about 10-14 days and just be a total bum. The total bum for a week part still happened but, I ended up in the Mayan Riviera with a friend for 7 days. What I wanted out of this trip was some quiet, I think mostly from myself. My mind is QUITE chaotic and I just needed it to stop.

February to April at work were madness, April being the absolute worst. The lack of sleep, time with my son, social life, and time alone to do simple things I needed to do – was a struggle. All those things add up and getting in my own head and anxious about everything, takes a toll on you. Short term pain for long term gain they say, I suppose in some ways that is accurate. I accumulated some overtime hours that I will use up this summer, which is great!

We were about a month out, or less from when we wanted to leave and had to book something quick. We ended up booking on the Mayan side as it just seemed simpler with the date fast approaching. Neither of us is well travelled or very confident in traveling alone – simple was best, and I was familiar with the Mayan side. Trip booked and an excursion to Chichen-Itza! The count down was on!

Vacation morning has arrived! YAY!img_8053
We meet at the airport at about 6:00AM in the morning and try to check in – in the wrong end of the airport. Off to a good start ladies! Luckily, a sweet old man taxi’d us down to the total opposite end of the airport. Must I say – dam that new wing is nice! It was silly how nervous we were going through all the checks. Of  course, I’m so nervous and BEEP – my bag is pulled aside to be checked. The lady goes through all my books and I’m slightly embarrassed at all the self help books she pulls out. She then looks at me and smiles, and asks what I thought about one in particular. Phew, now we are just chatting and I’m all good!

We made it through! Now we wait. Eventually, we got on the plane and enjoyed the 6 hour flight as best we could. I am PRETTY fidgety with no movies and shitty headphones that I can barely hear anything through. That was a struggle. Note to self – bring more items to entertain yourself with.

img_8469We made it to Mexico, and were pretty tired by the time we did. The hotel wasn’t too terribly far from the Airport, but there were a few stops before we made it to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel around supper time and got all checked in. Someone tried to sell us a timeshare and we couldn’t get away from talking with this guy. That was our first lesson with each other, and we agreed if one person didn’t say it soon enough – the other would say NO right away. We got to our room, dropped our stuff and headed out to explore a little, eat and then watch the Michael Jackson show at the theatre. We checked out the beach at night and called it a night pretty early.

img_8112The next day, our first full day, we had to meet someone to arrange our ride home and so on. Again, they tried to sell us all kinds of things and we just didn’t want it. Finally, we got out and headed out to the beach. img_8106It was SO nice and much needed. Listening to the wind, the ocean, feeling your skin finally being hydrated, goodness – it was so nice. I love Alberta, I love my home, but dam! Some humidity would be amazing!
We laid around, read our books, hung out in the ocean and – repeat. First day, and we were burnt. That called for an afternoon nap till dinner!

19787248_1376214365747549_5356688407683323087_oNext day, Friday, was our excursion day. Chichen-Itza! To be honest, I never like leaving the hotel. For some reason, I have always had a fear, a place I am not familiar with, just – nervous. This time, those nerves went away very quickly and never returned. I was calm and . . excited! This isn’t an excursion I’ve ever done before. Was mostly excursions that involved some kind of partying and I wasn’t interested in that this time.

19693445_1376214385747547_3632185376206626382_oWe got picked up at 730 AM and headed out in a van, picking up other groups along the way. Somewhere random on the highway, we ended up switching over onto a bigger bus with the rest of the group we would be traveling with. This huge bus was way more comfortable than the squishy van. We were off! As we drove out, a man spoke to us for a while about Mayan people, the pyramids, the calendar, and so much more.19665517_1376214379080881_4469620278182115009_n I found it all so interesting and I still want to learn more. One of the most interesting things for me, was learning about the numbers. It reminded me of roman numerals – but so different.
I loved learning about everything. How the land works, why there are cenotes, all of it.

First place we stopped was at an area that had a cenote, a TEQUILLA museum 😀  and a restaurant where we had lunch. There was a little store as well, that sold many items, which were all locally made. The talent these people have is amazing. They are true artists. I was interested in a charm (for a necklace) from the Mayan alphabet. Our tour guide was explain the luck of the charms so I bought a small charm with the letter ‘N’ for Nolan.
19679143_1376214842414168_3434023477836393458_oThe cenote was beautiful! I haven’t ever seen anything like that. The sight – was it ever a sight. This huge hole in the ground, light pouring through the top where the water trickled in also. The sounds, the echo’s of everyone splashing around, the birds flying all around, and again – the sound of the water trickling in. The smell of the plants and the water, everything was so perfect about it.
We headed to the tequila museum after and OBVIOUSLY I had to dip into all the flavors. Ended up coming out with Coconut tequila to bring home 🙂

19679138_1376214485747537_7359555133048476159_oAfter this spot, we headed to Chichen-Itza! So busy and a bigger place than I thought! I really had no idea what to expect but what I saw took my breath away. We had a guide for about an hour and he told us all about each of the pyramids and places that were still sitting there today. I was never interested in these kinds of things growing up, but now – I find it absolutely fascinating. He had shown us photos of what the pyramids looked like19679215_1376214852414167_6388376805418459170_o before, when they were re-discovered, and cleaned up again. I thought those photos were quite a site to see! It really hit me then as to where I was standing. One ruin – was a spot for sacrifices. Although we were not allowed to walk in them and to go see it, it was still crazy to think, wow I am standing here, where all of this used to happen! There was an arena where a game was played once upon a time. Everything had pictures carved into them, so they are not sure how the game was played in the arena but they tried to figure it out through the carvings on the walls.
We finished our tour with the guide and made our way back on the bus. One more stop had us headed to a small town where we saw a huge old church, grabbed some churros and headed back to the hotel to end our tour. It was a very neat experience and I definitely will be researching a lot more of what I learnt that day.

The next few days, we basically woke up in the mornings, breakfast, beach, lunch, beach, read, write, ocean, go back to room to shower, dinner, hit the theatre for shows, then watch the live music after, and if we could – stay up and go to the disco.img_8135 The disco didn’t open until 11:30 and we could not manage to stay up to make it there. img_8186One night, we went back to the room just to sit for a few and we both passed out in our clothes, shoes on haha! We did make it on my birthday though, and the last night. That was until some girl did a shot with us and then immediately threw it up after and insisted that “that never happens”. So – we called it a night after that.

img_8256It was a really nice, relaxing trip. Exactly what I wanted and I am happy with what we did. Mexico is such a beautiful place, and I’ll probably be back. There are a lot of other places I want to go now, as I have done the all inclusive Mexico thing quite a few times now.

Till next time…



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