Kristina’s Adventure: Takakkaw Falls July 30 2017


Remember when I said, Valley view was preparing me for something in two weeks? Well this was it! I saw this Waterfall for my first time, less than a month before I said “that’s my climbing goal and I will climb that one day”. I saw it on our way to Revelstoke, and thought – that would be a good goal to work towards. Maybe in a year or so. Never did I EVER think that me, Kristina, would be climbing beside Takakkaw falls, only a few weeks later.

20479604_1401702959865356_7205162548685209683_nWhat a day! What another experience, what a beautiful place, just … wow! We had a bit of a late start to the day but made it out there around noon and there were a few parties ahead of us. We got ourselves ready and racked up in the parking lot, as tourists came and asked us if we were crazy. It made me a little nervous but also had me feeling like a super human or something. I know how I would look at people doing all these crazy things I wanted to do, and now – someone was asking us about it! What a cool feeling.

20525552_1401702916532027_5316133240266415038_nMaking our way up to our first pitch was exciting. The pitches were not too bad at all. There were a few where we had to not climb, but traverse over the ledge to the falls so we could again, start making our way up. This is where I got nervous. The water fall was ROARING. You could feel in through the rocks, hear it pounding and also feel the spray as the wind would every so often gust it your way.

I felt so lucky, at one point, where a group was rapping down and I didn’t trust my partners rope tugs, they were able to yell to him for me, and to me for him, they could relay our messages. That was the one hardest part, where I really wished I had my walkie-talkies. After we made it past that point – it was smooth sailing again.

20597213_1401703193198666_6189934897361996049_nI thought after reading reports of the climb, that there would be more trad but it was mostly sport and my partner only placed a few pieces of gear. We started getting closer to the cave entrance and I was trying to talk myself out of going through the cave. MAJORLY cluster phobic here and NO desire to go caving ever haha. I didn’t want to put my partner through the trauma of having to potentially drag me out of there..BUT – I made it through. How could I come that far, and not go through the cave to the last pitch and look over off the top of the falls? I couldn’t.

20604540_1401703103198675_8090671589813939764_nIt was unreal actually, a perfect little 60m cave, where I fit perfectly and who knows what I was crawling through. I didn’t care at that moment, I wanted the HELL out of there and back on the rocks going up haha.

20476574_1401703059865346_2363353139211808371_nThe last pitch to the top, had me nervous once again. I would have like walkie-talkies here as the stream from the glaciers at the top of the mountain,  started making their aggressive plunge downwards turning into the falls. The crashes of the water made it impossible to hear my partner. We made it up though and I immediately was blown away. There was so much more to see at the top of the falls. Looking out at all of the glaciers in the mountains around us and the area the falls was coming from. I wish we had more time to hike up and around, to explore and see where it all came from but the sun was setting. We exchanged glances a few time with some mountain goats until we had to make our way back down.

20597164_1401702773198708_8719519837442821375_nWe had to go through the cave again! I just nervous laughed the whole time to try to not panic. As we made our way out of the cave and got ready to rappel down from there, we noticed a group was stuck. They had tried to rap off a tree with two ropes, with the plan to pull one rope and they could rap down further with fewer stops. Well, they got stuck. They tried to ask my partner for help and he ended up trying to traverse over to help them (still on rope of course) and ended up getting hurt in the process. I was stuck up top waiting for him to rap down and I couldn’t do a thing! I started to panic. All I saw was him swing across all he had traversed and thank GOODNESS he was ok, minus some deep cuts and bleeding. A large piece he had grabbed had completely broken off and caused him to swing. With everyone panicking, he was able to pull himself together thankfully, and tried once more to help these people get over to us. One man, made his way over and climbed up our rope and had to go through the cave again to get his ropes. His partner was safe and secured in while she waited for him. I had to remain calm because I needed to get down and make sure my partner was ok and take care of them.

20638301_1401703116532007_3186960525904515948_nWe ended up making it down just fine, and as we looked back, we could see two headlamps on the mountain. They were also making their way down which made us feel better. My partner was ok and ended up with a few bumps, cuts and bruises. Other than that, it was an amazing experience and I am SO grateful for it. I cant wait to climb these falls again one day and explore up top some more.



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