Nolan rides into 2018


Oh my goodness, my kid on a board! Heart throooooooob!

N boards Jan 18 (2)We’ve had his board for two seasons now I think, and this is the first time I’ve taken him to the hill, thanks to a friend mentioning to me that kids under a certain age are – FREE! The season before and even some of this season, we would just strap up and I would walk around the community pulling him. It was awesome and he loved being pulled. There were definitely a few freak outs as I was trying to strap him in and his balance wasn’t all there, but he quickly adjusted and began to enjoy it as soon as we started moving.

I think he started to get bored of being pulled along, so I decided one day, to bring him nolan boards Dec 2017to the hill! It was a blast! He was so stoked to see all the other kids on their ski’s and boards. He actually kept telling me “I want Ski’s” and did get mad at me when I said, I couldn’t rent them because I didn’t know how to teach skiing haha. Eventually, we got onto the bunny hill and the carpet and he was excited.

It was definitely a learning moment for me as well. How many times I knocked him over, pulled him over, pushed him over – trying to figure out how I was going to teach him. Finally, with his patience, and then end of the day – we got in a few small runs together and ended laughing our faces off.

Our reward? We ended up cruising down the tube park for the rest of the afternoon 🙂

For Winter 2018 – 2019, I bought a pass for myself to Nakiska, N boards Jan 18 (4)which I got on Sale so it was a steal of a deal! Nolan is still free so I am very excited and anxious to spend some time out there with him, shredding together. I have a hard time teaching anyone on the bunny hill. He has a harness backpack I am looking forward to using, so we can ride down to the gold chair and at least have that small hill to cruise down together. I am sure not all days will be successful, some will be great, some might just not be, but I am so excited to do this with him, and he still tells me he is excited as well 🙂


Mommy & Me shredding, coming soon. . haha!

N boards Jan 18 (3)

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