Kristina’s Adventures: Boarding 2018

I haven’t done a lot of boarding since I was on Maternity leave. That was a great year, my dad would come pick me up in the early morning, Nolan would be with his Grandma and off my Dad and I would go!

My Dad is a big fan of Sunshine Village, so that is where we always went. We had a lot of good times there and he would even try and video me while I would “attempt” jumps in the park. Definitely have a few good ones that I will have to try and find.

This year, I was able to make it out a bit more, and on a NEW set up! Finally, I was able to get in somewhere and spend a few hours trying on new things and chatting with the guys who were trying to fit me into a new setup. It worked out so well!

img_3803My old boots and bindings may have been to small. Way too small, as every time I would get out, they would totally numb my feet and cause a lot of pain. I was always undoing my boots and bindings and redoing them up at the bottom and top of every lift. It became incredibly annoying and, about 10 years later I finally got my new set up.

img_4187Here we are now! This year, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe how fast I was going and how I barely had to make a turn for my board to cut so perfectly. I was so used to putting so much effort into my turns, that when I got on this new board, it ripped me right around and back up the hill! Talk about a change! haha It took me a few goes to get used to that. img_4184

With getting used to how easily it would grab an edge, I had my best wipe out I think, Ever. Usually I wipe out and hurt my back or my tail bone so badly but this time, I think I was in too much of a shock. It was foggy out and we were heading down the divide at Sunshine. img_3693At the bottom of one hill, there was a dip and then an – up – to another hill. Well, that dip made my feet drop out and then hit the up SO hard, that I ended up absolutely crashing! my board went over me about three times and I felt like I was never going to stop. I hit the ground I think a good three times, and laid on my back for a bit. All I could do was signal to my partner a thumbs up so he knew I was ok, but I was just going to rest for a few minutes.


Some people came by to make sure I was ok, and I was just laughing. They looked back and said I took chunks out of the snow, and when I looked back, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe the chunks I took out, the distance between each bounce and that.. all that really hurt was my lower leg. After eventually getting up, I took it easy for the rest of the day and tried just getting used to my board ha! My leg – lucky was fine. No twisted knee or anything, just a sore leg from maybe a mild twist and being stuck in the binding.


One of my other favorite times of the year, has been skiing with my Dad, as every year we have been able to. I LOVE the mountains and everything you can do in them. My Dad isn’t the biggest fan of walking or hiking. He doesn’t like heights either and doesn’t want to see me climb.img_5159 He likes to play soccer, run and bike and a few other things. So being able to share skiing with him, IN THE MOUNTAINS – makes me SOOOOO happy. We’ve always been active with my Dad and I want to get in as much as I still can! My Dad loves Slush cup, which I think is hilarious. So we went this year together and we went with my little brother and his buddy and Girlfriend as well. I love how we can all do these things together and have an absolute blast.

I cant wait for more riding this coming season. I’ve bought a Nakiska pass for myself so I can take my boy out as much as possible. He is excited for snow this year as he keeps telling me, so I am excited for this new challenge of getting us BOTH off the chair lift in one piece. Bring on winter 2018/2019!




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