Ride to Conquer Cancer Aug 18 2018


Around the beginning of 2018, my dad asked me if I would like to join him and his team for the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2018.img_7946

My dad has no desire to head out to the mountains and walk. To each their own, I have tried and he says no. So when he asked if I wanted to join him, I immediately said yes img_7948and was so excited to have something to do with my dad.  We used to do runs together here and there, and I would join him for Sunday soccer practice with the boys, but he has had some injuries over the years that have slowly started to limit what he should be doing. He is a VERY stubborn man (I hope you’re reading this) and it has taken him quite some time to realize that he should probably stop soccer. He’s pretty lucky as he has played his entire life and never had major knee surgery like a lot of people these days. Even when I was in high school, how many people had their knees done, as teens, and still even now. I’d say – he’s had an amazing run and still has his strength and speed, so its time to put it into other things. He is in pretty awesome shape for 60!

img_7957He started skiing again a few years ago with my little sister and now my brother and him join him when we can. I am very happy that there is another activity we can all do together. We ALL grew up playing soccer with my dad coaching us at some point. I think, he coached me the longest and I STILL miss him as my coach.

Anyways, back to the ride, I was stoked to being doing another activity with my dad. I have a hard time raising money as I feel awkward writing emails to people and trying to make sure it sounds perfect, they will not react negatively to it. I ended up doing quite well though, and raised what I needed for the ride.img_7953

I dedicated my ride to one of my best childhood friends, and her mom. Angie, sadly passed on July 20, 2018 after a short, rough battle with cancer. Everything happened so quickly. I wrapped a few bars of my bike in pink for Jill and Angie, because -Man! Did Angie EVER love pink!


The ride was cut short due to all the wildfire smoke that spread over Alberta, BC and more the summer of 2018. It was AWFUL! I just remember riding, and I didn’t have sunglasses, my eyes were burning, pink and by the time we had turned around and biked home, we were all coughing pretty bad. The smoke hadn’t bothered me too terribly during the summer, but after that ride, it sure did.

We got turned around at our second pit stop, 42km in. We were told we could bike back or hop in a truck and go back. We decided that we would tough it out and bike back. We caught up with a bunch of people along the way, and a lot of people caught up to us as well. We all rode back to COP together, and only got a little lost. Overall, we bike 87km that day. It was pretty devastating to not be able to complete and experience the full event. Seeing all the work, volunteers, EVERYTHING that went into making this event happen, just shutdown so quickly.

We all agreed that we would sign up again next year and fingers crossed – we would not have another summer like this! Even though it was cut short, it was still an experience, an emotional and physical one. I cant wait to do it again next year and experience the full two days!

Till next time!


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