Summer, Autumn and into Winter 2018

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have written. Every time I came back to my blog, I got/get overwhelmed with how much time has passed and how much I have NOT done on here. How can I even begin to try and catch up? Well, I probably won’t. So I’m going to try to get through this quick so I can get up to date. Bare with the all the spelling and grammar mistakes. (For all you grammar police out there).

We did a bunch of hiking and climbing as usual, made some new friends to adventure with and even hung out with outside of our adventures. I went to BC a few times, to Whistler, Shaka, Kelowna, Squamish, did some climbing, tried mountain biking once and that was enough of that, did the Ride to Conquer Cancer (the half of the first day, then it got cancelled due to smoke) and more!

It was a great summer, fall and winter, I wish I didn’t drop the ball on posting! There were SO many great time.

Let the photos begin!

My First Whistler Visit!

Random City Walks

Ptarmigan Cirque – the day of all seasons!

The Ranch


Biking and Hockey

Climb with Smitchell!

Mother’s Day Race May 2018

My 31st Birthday!

King Creek Ridge

King Creek (1)King Creek (2)King Creek (4)King Creek (3)

Grizzly Peak

Fishing Trip With KP!

Aftonroe Climb

Troll Falls with friends


More Random Adventures

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