Mother’s Day Run – Sporting Life 10K 2019

Mother’s Day Run May 201904047FAE-5599-4E0B-B64E-34DF126B5669_1_201_a

Another Mother’s Day race done! This is one of my favourite races, I don’t even know how many times I’ve done this one now. This is the second one that Nolan has joined me for now. This year did go as planned or as I had hoped, BUT we did it all together and it was a blast. I went into it, thinking he would jog a little with me, and we could walk, and then jog, and walk, repeat.

B64E1390-5BEA-4DBD-B0B0-948E0E1417F3_1_201_aThat’s not how it happened at all. We started off walking and jogging, but I think Nolan got overwhelmed with all the people on the route, that he started whining and I ended up carrying him. Thankfully, I brought the carrier because it would have been VERY hard to just piggy back him.

Me being the stubborn person I am, I carried him and for some silly reason, I started jogging with him because – at first I thought it was funny! He thought it was funny! “Giddy up Pony” he kept saying. Then, as we passed people, they kept saying “Good job mama, wow”! After hearing that, I couldn’t stop. A few times, he got down, walked and jogged a bit, but then he wanted back up. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling it in my knees and hips. I thought – if I trip, I am definitely staying down! Ha! My jog was more like gliding of my feet, it was a little glide with every step.

01A52C6E-2C91-4C38-B663-09A2F3CCF48D_1_201_aOn the home stretch, I told Nolan that I needed him to cheer me on because I was struggling. He was so quick to reach his hand up and over my shoulder to pat my cheek, saying “go mommy go” the rest of the way back. We ended up making it through the finish line and I just collapsed and cried a little while hugging him. The thing that really set me off, was when Nolan hugged me and kissed me, and said we made it mommy! You’re so strong! Again, the BEST adventure buddy and teammate ever. Even though I had to carry him most of the way 😀 !

I can’t wait for many more years of this run, with my partner in crime ❤

Sporting Life 10K106B6568-8697-46BC-AEB8-5665FACB8F69

Have to thank Devin and Elise for inviting me along to do this race with them. I definitely didn’t have any plans for a 10k this summer, I am content with 5k’s but I am so happy I did this. We started up by the 69th Street C-train station and ran down to Olympic plaza. It was ALL down hill and probably one of the funnest runs I have ever ran! I thought my knees were going to hurt going down hill the whole time, but I actually felt great!

I finally started relaxing while running down hill, taking wider steps and not being so stiff when I run. I hadn’t trained as much as I would have liked to for this run, but I am super happy with running an hour and 4 seconds! ha. Maybe next year I will train better and cut that to under an hour.

Devin, of course, ran it in half time time it took us to run, and he ran WITH Kai in the stroller. As we took the train home(with Kai) he ran home, uphill! Crazy!

Nothing beats doing something you love with great people!

Till next time. . .



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